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Getting Started

RoboStack is a bundling of ROS for Linux, Mac and Windows using the conda package manager, based on top of conda-forge.


To get started with conda (or mamba) as package managers, you need to have a base conda installation. Please do not use the Anaconda installer, but rather start with miniforge / mambaforge, which are much more "minimal" installers (we recommend mambaforge). These installers will create a "base" environment that contains the package managers conda (and mamba if you go with mambaforge). After this installation is done, you can move on to the next steps.

Note: Make sure to not install the ROS packages in your base environment as this leads to issues down the track. On the other hand, conda and mamba must not be installed in the ros_env, they should only be installed in base. Also, do not source the system ROS environment, as the PYTHONPATH set in the setup script conflicts with the conda environment.

# if you don't have mamba yet, install it first (not needed when using mambaforge):
conda install mamba -c conda-forge

# now create a new environment
mamba create -n ros_env python=3.9
conda activate ros_env

# this adds the conda-forge channel to the new created environment configuration 
conda config --env --add channels conda-forge
# and the robostack channels
conda config --env --add channels robostack
conda config --env --add channels robostack-experimental

# Install the version of ROS you are interested in:
mamba install ros-galactic-desktop  # (or: mamba install ros-noetic-desktop)

# optionally, install some compiler packages if you want to e.g. build packages in a colcon_ws:
mamba install compilers cmake pkg-config make ninja colcon-common-extensions

# on Linux and osx (but not Windows) for ROS1 you might want to:
mamba install catkin_tools

# on Windows, install Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 with C++ support 
# see

# on Windows, install the Visual Studio command prompt:
mamba install vs2019_win-64

# note that in this case, you should also install the necessary dependencies with conda/mamba, if possible

# reload environment to activate required scripts before running anything
# on Windows, please restart the Anaconda Prompt / Command Prompt!
conda deactivate
conda activate ros_env

# if you want to use rosdep, also do:
mamba install rosdep
rosdep init  # note: do not use sudo!
rosdep update